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Quilts by
Nancy Goodman



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I make improvisational quilts that are full of color, pattern and texture. Improvisational quilts are constructed without patterns or templates. It is often a process of development where one element in the quilt directs the next addition. Every quilt I make is an adventure for me.


The thing I love about quilts is the way the cloth projects intense color. A colorful quilt has a singular ability to light up a room.  Experimenting with intense colors is the driving force in my quilts. I often use primary and secondary colors, but on occasion break out from that with monochromatic or neutral color schemes.


Primarily I take inspiration from ideas that I develop in my mind.


I’ve been quilting over 40 years now and the challenges today are as fresh as when I began. The process of constructing a quilt is exciting and meditative at the same time.  I can be stitching with perfect calm at the same time my mind is working on technical and aesthetic problems.

- Nancy Goodman


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