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Nancy Goodman

Mobile, Alabama

I was born in New England, moved to Colorado as a teenager and then California for college. When I graduated from college with a major in English, I asked for a sewing machine for my graduation gift. I made my

first quilt for my first born 42 years ago. A few years later I moved to New Mexico and finally to Alabama.


Along the way I spent a year in Gabon, Africa which was a pivotal experience in my quilting life. Stunned and thrilled by the Africans’ use of color, I turned toward using bright, saturated colors in my quilts. Upon returning to the U.S. I discovered that I couldn’t buy the kinds of colors I wanted, so I took up dyeing and for many years all the fabrics in my quilts were hand dyed. 

Today I still work exclusively with solid fabrics, although I can buy them now. I started out making traditional quilts, but turned toward original designs and art quilting early on.  

I now live in Mobile, Alabama with my husband. I maintain a studio in the unused wing of an inner city church and am active in my local Guild. 

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