Nancy Goodman

Mobile, Alabama

I have been making art quilts for thirty years . An art quilt uses a contemporary

design concept and innovative methods to come up with an individual visual

statement. With this form I have room to explore my own artistic ideas and express

myself with fabric.

In the last year I’ve been working on art quilts that use intricate piecing to convey

my love of bright, saturated colors and of complex patterns. For example, in the

gallery here on the website you will see a quilt called “At the Circus”. In it, please,

notice both the hand dyed and commercial fabrics, the vivid colors, the hard

geometrical shapes and the unconventional juxtapositions.

Last summer I studied with Nancy Crow, an international leader in the quilt world.

The workshop was on Sets and Variables. It was an instructive exploration of the

use of motifs in varying forms to structure a quilt. In the summer of 2020 I am

returning for her workshop on Improvisational Exercises. I have also studied with

Katie Pasquini Masopust and the ladies from Gee’s Bend.

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